Funeral catering is available seven days a week. Our funeral menu is optimized to fit your funeral needs. We offer free set up and delivery to all mortuaries on the island of Oahu. Call (808) 486-8728 for more information or to place an order or feel free to ask a question using the link below!

Funeral Menu Options

Basic Menu

Sushi or Rice
Potato Macaroni Salad
Chow Mein
Fried Chicken

Additional Items

Shoyu Pork*
Sweet Sour Spareribs
Beef Teriyaki
Ham with Pineapple Sauce
Pork or Chicken Nishime


BASIC with ONE Additional Item

$6.75 w/Sushi
$6.25 w/Rice

BASIC with TWO Additional Items

$8.00 w/Sushi
$7.50 w/Rice

BASIC with THREE Additional Items

$9.25 w/Sushi
$8.75 w/Rice

Funeral Catering Information

– WE DO NOT ACCEPT ONLINE ORDERS OF ANY KIND. All orders must be put in on the phone, in person or through a mortuary funeral arranger or director.

– All orders need to be put in IN ADVANCE with at least three days notice, but the earlier the better to guarantee availability. We appreciate your business and will try our best to accommodate late requests but there are no guarantees

– Orders made directly with us must be paid in full three days before the date of the funeral. We accept cash, cashiers checks and debit/credit cards in person and over the phone. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. When ordering through a mortuary, payment can be made to us through them.

– If putting in a late order, payment must be made right away

– Payment must be made on time to guarantee order

– All prices are subject to a state tax of 4.712%

– All funeral catering pricing is done per head with a minimum order of 50 people

– We offer free delivery and set up to all mortuaries. If your funeral is not at a mortuary, we can still deliver upon availability for a fee. All fees will be waived for funeral orders of 300 or more people.

– We offer attendant services for funerals of 100 or more at a mortuary for no charge. The attendant will set up, refill, and break down the food line. They do not serve the food. If your funeral is less than 100 people, we will still deliver and set up but not stay. For funerals not at a mortuary, attendants can be provided for orders of 300 people or more upon request for no charge.

– We provide paper goods for ALL funerals. Serving utensils are only provided for orders of 100 or more at a mortuary. For orders of less than 100, you will need to provide your own serving utensils or arrange to borrow from the mortuary.

– Basic menu is set as is, you only choose which additional items you want

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